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Hurtigruten Explorer Tour


Our Explorer ships continues the Norwegian tradition of exploring the white areas of our planet, sailing the waters of Antarctica, Chilean Fjords, Greenland, Iceland, Spitsbergen and Norway.

Antarctica: Get set to explore Antarctica – the coldest, driest, highest and cleanest continent on Earth. The frozen land and neighbouring areas are full of life in particular penguins, seals and whales. During the crossing of the Drake Passage, the Expedition Team on board will provide a series of lectures about the areas you’ll visit and wildlife you may encounter. When you near the peninsula, you may see giant tabular icebergs, entire groups of penguins swimming out to sea to hunt for krill, or torpedo-like leopard seals guarding the shorelines. Hurtigruten offer several different voyages in and around Antarctica, and we look forward to taking you there!

Greenland: See Greenland's gigantic icebergs calve into the sea, explore extensive fjords, hike lush meadows and witness a variety of animal life under the Midnight Sun. Observer the exceptional interaction between man and nature, and discover how life in small secluded communities is reflected in the language, music, myth, clothing and food. We offer 5 unique itineraries to this remote island ranging from 12 – 16 days, so you are sure to experience everything Greenland have to offer on this voyage of a lifetime.

Iceland: Iceland have lava and ice, long dark winters and summers lit by the Midnight Sun, as well as enormous areas of unspoilt nature lying at the doorstep of highly modern and urban communities. Icelandic traditions date back to the ancient sagas, and the folk stories are full of mysticism, elves and trolls. Iceland is located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which runs right through it. This means that the island has high levels of geological activity with many volcanoes and geysers. You will also see some of the most spectacular waterfalls around. By joining MS Fram in Iceland you will be able to enjoy nature, history and daily life on the Island of Sagas.

Spitsbergen: Spitsbergen is remote, mysterious, extreme and located on the southern perimeter of the frozen Arctic Ocean. It is an island forged by ice, wind and sea. Our expedition style landings take you close to the wildlife, the ghost towns of early whaling stations, remote mining towns and spectacular fjords and icebergs. You will also, if you are lucky, be able to spot a polar bear or two in this journey into the far Arctic.