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We travelled on the direct flight with Air Mauritius from Heathrow, a comfortable, overnight flight arriving into Mauritius in the morning.  A warm Mauritian welcome greeted us, and our relaxation began… during the journey to the hotel I got a glimpse of how beautiful the island is. 

Mauritius has some of the most picturesque beaches I have ever seen. Imagine stretches of white sand, turquoise clear waters, palm trees and a cocktail in hand and you are there!  The food is incredible, a colourful blend of Creole, French, Indian and Chinese, freshly caught tropical fish, meats and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.  The Mauritians are warm, friendly people with the most beautiful smiles and the service everywhere was exceptional.  

There is plenty to keep you entertained, swimming with wild dolphins, snorkelling with exotic fish, discovering giant tortoises and walking in botanical gardens, to name a few.  It’s also a sports enthusiast’s paradise with plenty of sailing, paddle boarding, fishing, water skiing and tennis.  My son’s dream was to wake board and he pretty much mastered it over the week with the help of some fantastic instructors.

We went in our summer which is the Mauritian winter. It was a very pleasant 26°C most days with a nice breeze. We had a few cloudy days, but it was still warm and great to get out and about without melting in the high summer temperatures!

There are plenty of fantastic hotel choices in Mauritius and it can be difficult to know which one to choose – I took a day out to explore and saw a range of 4 and 5* hotels.  Between us at The Travel Concept we have now seen a lot of the island and can give you the best advice on the best hotel choice for you.

Perfect for families, honeymoons, weddings, relaxing on the beach, getting sporty, being adventurous, playing golf or just chilling in the spa – the choice is yours!