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Discover Latin America

Your South America Travel Specialist in East Sussex

When you think South America, what comes to mind? Whatever you’re imagining, The Travel Concept is your South America travel specialist and we’d love to help you turn those thoughts into reality.

Although we have cosy offices in both Eastbourne and the village of Mayfield in East Sussex (not far from Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and Heathfield), we know South America inside out.  

Perhaps you’re thinking about the lost city of Machu Picchu, the thrill of Rio or the elegance of Buenos Aires? Maybe it’s the Galapagos Islands, the salt flats of Bolivia, or the mighty Amazon? Not forgetting Mexico’s Mayan temples, the wildlife of Costa Rica, sublime diving in Belize and up-and-coming Guyana.


There are a thousand ways to experience this intoxicating continent. A continent that ranges from tropical jungle and white-sand beaches, to the peaks of the Andes and Patagonian glaciers. You could book a cruise to take it all in. Or maybe take an escorted small-group tour, or have the entire trip tailormade, down to the last detail.

If you're into adventure, luxury, cruise, gastronomy, wine, beach life, or just want a taste of everything, as a South America travel specialist we can put together a truly memorable holiday for you.

South America is best known for its landscapes. From Chile’s arid Atacama Desert and the wilds of Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) in the far south, to the unforgettable sight of Iguazú Falls and the magnificent ancient Inca citadel Machu Picchu in the Andes. Not to mention miles of coastline and the immaculate natural world that is the Galapagos — South America doesn’t do anything by halves.

Of course, South America is about more than landscapes. This is a continent with an intriguing history, colonial towns, some unchanged for centuries, where local markets are the perfect place to buy fabrics and souvenirs. Then there’s the food, with Peru’s world-class cuisine, Brazil’s fusion food, and Argentina’s renowned steaks. And it’s a toe-tapping kind-of place too, with everything from Brazilian samba to Colombian salsa providing the soundtrack to your trip — perhaps a salsa club or dance hall will make it into your itinerary.

So call on us, your South America Travel Specialist, to help you plan your trip and ensure you experience the sights, sounds and sensations that will delight you. And everyone in your group.

One Stop South America Travel Specialist!

Rest assured that we can answer any questions you have. We can speak to our South America travel partners in all the different nations to give you any details you need. You actually have a big team of South America travel specialists at your disposal!


So hesitate no more, get in touch today with your travel wishlist. We’ll do all the planning work for you and come back with suggested itineraries, accommodation, flights and inside knowledge.


It costs nothing to have our help. And we’ll love organising this incredibly special trip for you. Don’t forget you will only get genuine advice because we are your independent South America Travel Specialist. Find out more about us.


Many clients are local to us in the Tunbridge Wells area in Kent and Eastbourne in East Sussex. But many live much further afield as a result of happy customers referring us to friends and family. So we’d love to chat to you wherever you are based.